Top sights in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, located in the lower reaches of the Indian Ocean, is the second-largest city on the east coast of Sri Lanka in the province of Anuradhapura. Nuwara Eliya became the second city in Sri Lanka to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its rich biological diversity and important hydrographic network. This city is also famous for its tea plantations, rubber and citrus production, and rubber-making industry.

Nuwara Eliya features lush greenery around the coast and in the heart of the town. The natural setting and serenity of this place will surely take you back to your childhood. The natural preserves in the area to house numerous species of birds, many of which can be seen very rarely outside their parks and sanctuaries. Some of the highlights of this nature sanctuary are Arundel’s Butterfly Garden, Mount Abu’s picnic point, the Waterfall of Kandy, and the Lamu Island.

If you want to see a part of the natural treasures of Nuwara Eliya, the first thing you should do is visit the Arundel’s Butterfly Garden. This park is one of the biggest in the entire world. In addition to the wide variety of butterflies and other insects, you can also view the rare breeding of butterflies in their wintertime plumage. The view from this popular tourist spot is definitely worth seeing.

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Another reason why visiting Nuwara Eliya and surrounding places in Kenya is so popular is the presence of highland climate in the region. The terrain is mostly covered with grassland and as you move further south, you will encounter shrubs and other plants with dense green grasses. These plants and greenery are perfect for growing many different kinds of plants. The terrain of the place is also ideal for game and another animal grazing. You can even spot wild animals along the road from Mombasa to Malindi. When you get there, you can feed them and take them home to the bush.

Photo by Egle Sidaraviciute on Unsplash

One of the most suggested reading while in Nuwara Eliya would be “Kikuyuwe Mancienne wa Ashanti moment.” This is a novel written by a famous author called Mumbi Magadi. It tells about the life of a Lakota man named Manecke. There are lots of interesting details about the life of the famous Indian leader.

If you are going to visit the British colony of Baffin and beyond, then the first recommended reading to do is “A Brief History of Baffin, Colonial India.” This is written by Leslie Pockell and provides a brief history of the place, including the British influence. It also mentions the lake district of Nuwara Eliya, the role that Lake Nakuru plays in Kenya’s tourism and how the lake has transformed its surrounding. While in Baffin, one must check out the Halle’s Boatyard, which is where one can admire the hulking boats of Baffin and hear about its old-world charm. There are also markets around the Halle’s Boatyard selling local products, such as pottery and other items.

A walk from Baffin, which is about 45 minutes away, should lead you to Lake Nakuru, which is another important destination in this British Colony. Lake Nakuru has many small waterfalls along the shore that provide visitors with a romantic view of the surroundings. In fact, Lake Nakuru is one of the most popular places for photo shooting because of its amazing landscape and stunning falls. However, if you’re looking for a more quiet destination, then you can visit Lake Naivasha, which is about a three-hour drive from Baffin, offering a peaceful environment and tranquilizing views.

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In order to experience the grandeur of Nuwara Eliya, you need to pay a visit to this place at the right time. Because it is situated on the Zambezi River, it is only open during the rainy season, which starts in June and lasts until August. During these months, the park offers a wide range of activities, ranging from hikes and expeditions, rafting and canoeing, rafting and kayaking, camping, wildlife watching, and visiting the tallest mountain in the area.

Often called ‘Little England,’ Nuwara Eliya is noted for its colonial atmosphere, because there the vacation mansions of the British rulers were constructed. Its robust scenery makes it a city full of natural wonders.

Nuwara Eliya likes to appeal to tourists with a laid back environment and cooler temperatures. It is one of Sri Lanka’s best tourist destinations and a must on every 10 day route in Sri Lanka. Backpackers even come to Sri Lanka because it’s a cheap destination for Asian holidays.

In Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka you can visit so many locations, so you may have to spend a few days exploring this splendid town. Continue reading to find out about Nuwara Eliya’s 25 best places to tour!

Best Things in Nuwara Eliya

  • Devon Waterfall
  • St Clair’s Falls
  • Galway’s Land National Park
  • Lake Gregory
  • Mohini Falls
  • Ramboda Waterfalls
  • Jagro Strawberry Farm
  • Hakgala Botanic Gardens
  • Victoria Park
  • St Francis Xavier’s Church

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya

The Victoria Park is a well-kept park in Nuwara Eliya’s heart. It is the ideal location for family trips to see endangered birds and unusual flowering plants. The park also has a playground for children and a few trips that make it a fun spot for all ages. The gorgeous gardens, serene ponds and many other picturesque places in the Park make it a great place to take beautiful pictures. Victoria Park is located in Nuwara Eliya town centre. You have to pay an entry fee before you arrive. It is an ideal spot to stroll and picnic in the morning.

Though you might want to visit Sri Lanka in the many breathtaking sights, sometimes all you need to do is have a lovely garden to host a little family picnic or evening walks in. Ok, you’ve got Sri Lanka secured! The Victoria Park is a magnificent location filled with exotic birds and lovely flowers that will give any visitor joy! Located in Nuwara Eliya, on the PBC Highway, next to the Nuwara Eliya Post Office. The park is noted for its well-manicured trees and bushes and its routine maintenance has always earned positive reviews.

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Victoria Park is noted for its rarity in flowering plants. You will also find and spot rare birds such as the Kashmir Flycatcher, Indian Blue Robin, Grey Tit, etc. The park also has a playground for children and is popular for its mini-train for visitors. That you can return to being a kid and relive your childhood! The park is ideal for picnics, tours or just an evening walk. It is easily reached and a must-visit in Sri Lanka for visitors.

Lake Gregory (Nuwara Eliya)

Gregory Lake is a local reservoir in Nuwara Eliya District. It is a popular spot to visit and enjoy some leisure activities. The lake was named after the British age of Sir William Gregory in 1873. Tourists will roam the lake by means of boats for hire. This lake is the ideal picnic place and visitors can rent bicycles to visit the lake too. In April, the perfect time to explore this lake.

Rent small boats and boats on the water, or whizz on a speedboat across the lake. Tourists will even travel across the lake on pony rides or bikes. If you visit your family, have a picnic on the lakeside or a relaxing evening walk around Gregory Lake. The lake also has small bars, so you can have lunch as you explore.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Hakgala is Sri Lanka’s second-largest botanical garden. It is part of the Nature Reserve of Hakgala Strict and was established in 1861. The garden is divided into different parts, devoted to a large selection of plants and some exotic animal species, including ferns, cacti, orchids, etc. It is located on the Badulla Highway and approximately 5 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. The Hakgala Gardens is said to have indeed been “Ashok Vatika” from the Hindu epic of “The Ramayana.” As these gardens are high, the temperature is mostly from cool to fairly hot.

The second-largest and one of the few botanical gardens in Sri Lanka, the Hakgala Botanical Garden. It was established by Dr. G.H.K. Thwaites in 1861 in order to experiment with Cinchona’s growth. The garden consists of separate areas, each containing a specific plant species. The garden is brilliant biodiversity that coexists with the unusual crops of endangered birds and wildlife. The average garden temperature is between 16°C and 30°C, which makes it cool to relatively warm year-round.

On the Peradeniya, Badulla, and Chenkaladi Highway, the Hakgala Botanical Garden is located close to the famous Seetha Amman Temple. The Hindus claim that it was here that King Ravana had its famed pleasure garden – the Ashok Vatika. The garden takes about two hours to visit and offers a golf cart with the possibility to move about. It has many unique plant species and uncommon animals, which provide a wonderful ecosystem in itself. It is one of Sri Lanka’s many locations that is directly connected to the Ramayana. If you want to sample Hindu culture or to explore nature, the Hakgala Gardens are a must-visit experience.