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Beijing, capital of China, is the most important city of China and one of the largest cities in the world. It is ever changing and developing metropolis. There are so many things to do, visit, see and explore when visiting this beautiful city. The best way to do all these things in one single trip is by getting cheap flights to Beijing. The best time to visit Beijing is from mid-November to mid-March. Beaches & Mountains Beijing Tour Beijing is home to China’s highest mountain, the majestic Great Wall, with fantastic picturesque panoramic views from the best part of the wall.

Drenched in ancient culture, Beijing is draped dreamily over mountains, with the Great Wall serving as the ultimate gravity-defying landmark aside from the capital city itself. Leave the city to take a walk along some of the picturesque spots, on the edge of the Great Wall on the outskirts of Beijing, and through the ancient lanes of the ancient town. Beijing Travel Information Beijing has a large number of tourist attractions that can be seen from the best part of the wall. Some of the popular attractions include the Forbidden City, the Beijing Museum, the National Museum, Xujiahui Cathedral and Science and Technology Museum. Beaches & Mountains Beijing Tour Beijing is home to China’s highest mountain, the majestic Great Wall, with fantastic picturesque panoramic views from the best part of the wall.

Beijing Travel Information Beijing is home to China’s most famous and well-known museum, the Beijing Museum. The main Beijing museum includes ancient antique items, exquisite collections, rare paintings, and modern artworks. Tourist Information Beijing Tourism Specialists’ Bureau offers many Beijing travel information and guidebooks.

The Forbidden City, Beijing China It was the palace of the imperial family in ancient times. Today it is one of the most visited attractions of Beijing China. The Forbidden City tour starts from the Beijing Capital Region and covers all of Beijing, as well as other regions of China.

Beijing Travel Information Travelers’ Bureau of Beijing is the perfect source for information about Beijing tours. This travel advice bureau has good Beijing travel map and guide on the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Jingdezhen area. Tourists have the option of day tours and special packages. A few of the famous places to visit while in Beijing include the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Jingdezhen Museum, and the National Museum. Visitors are also welcome to pay a visit to the special monuments of the Chinese Dynasty during their visit to Beijing.

Beijing Travel Information Tourist’s Bureau of Beijing can also provide information about special Beijing hot spots, such as the Bund, the western portion of the Beijing Metro, the Forbidden City, as well as the Juyongcheon and Xujiahui districts. Tourists are also welcome to pay a visit to the old capitals of the Chinese Dynasty. Among these are the Tomb of Emperor Kangxi, the Spring Palace, as well as the previously mentioned Emperors’ Hall.

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Beijing Travel Information Visitors also have the option of paying a visit to one of the five special summer palaces in Beijing, which are located in the western part of the city. Among these, the Beijing Summer Palace is the most famous. The Summer Palace is the former summer palace of the Chinese emperors. Today, many of the structures that once belonged to the Chinese imperials are nowadays being renovated and restored to their former glory. Tourists who want to take a stroll around the gardens of the Beijing Summer Palace should therefore make their way towards the Taklamakan Gate. The gardens are home to a number of rare and exotic species of plants.

Beijing Travel Information Last but not least, before embarking on a tour of Beijing, it is important to obtain some Beijing Travel Information. Such information can be obtained from Beijing tourism offices and tourist associations. In addition to this, there are a number of Beijing travel guidebooks that contain detailed information about various Beijing attractions and establishments. Such guides are an excellent source for Beijing travel information.

Beijing is significantly more population-based than Shanghai and not just Chinese political capital, but it still plays an important part in the country’s ethnic, economic, scientific and academic lives. Beijing – now often called Peking – is a perfect place to visit this complex area, because of its dense network of roads, trains and airlines with other major cities. It is situated on the northwest side of the Chinese Plain and is not far from the Yanshan mountains on the west slopes.

Beijing itself offers an abundance of unique tourist attractions. It has some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, including Badaling Pass, which includes a section of the famous Great Wall of China. In the heart of the well maintained historic city center, the Imperium Palace, Beihai Park, Coal Hill Park, and the Heavenly Temple are only a handful of the city’s many historical and cultural attractions.

Explore the huge Tiananmen Square, numerous important temples, new developments caused by the growing growth of the city and major events like the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Take advantage of the great shopping and eating options in the city while you have your share of sightseeing.

Forbidden City

The Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City, is the main tourist attraction in China, dating back to the 13th century Yuan dynasty. Its huge size is due to enlargements under the Ming Dynasty between 1406 and 1420, after the capital was transferred here from Nanking.

In all 24 Emperors of Ming and Qing lived in this majestic palace, which has earned the nickname “Forbidden City” because ordinary citizens have not been allowed into it. The complex measures 720 000 m2 and is entirely surrounded by a 10 m high wall with four towers and a 50 m deep moat. It is divided into two parts, ceremonial and administrative areas and the Emperor and his concubines’ private quarters.

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Highlights include the Meridian Gate, which was installed in 1420; the Golden River bridges, a network of five richly sculpted bridges of white marble, and the Hall of Conservation, the Emperor’s banquet hall.

It is worth seeing both the Palace of Heavenly Purity, the biggest hall of the inner court, and the Hall of Military Courage, the emperors’ permanent residence and the private-public hall. The 35 meters high Hall of Supreme Harmony is remarkable for the beautifully decorated golden imperial throne and for being the largest wooden building in the world.

The Imperial College is a historic building just a short walk from the Palace Museum (Guozijian). This magnificent house, which was built by Kublai Khan in 1287 and closed only in 1900, was the national university in the world. The Emperors of the past visited it frequently to promote their knowledge and education. The complex has more than 10,000 square meters, most of which are open to the public.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, one of the most famous ancient monuments in the world, is just an hour away from Peking. You can walk through a spectacular 16 th century stretch of the Great Wall that stands on the Badaling Pass, the first section of the Wall that was opened to tourists in the 1950s, eight meters long.

Along the way you can pass some towers and parapets, several of which overlook the nearby scenic scenery. While this is a hilly climb, you can go to the top of the wall by a soothing cable car.

This renowned section of the Great Wall can get busy, so plan your trip early if possible. Instead, try signing up for a trip. The Badaling and Ming Tombs Day Tour Great Wall of China is a wonderful way to learn about the history of China while also an easy way to explore the place.

Mutianyu, with parts dating back to the 6th century, is another important destination of the Great Wall. Over the years it has been reconstructed and expanded and is increasingly renowned for its amazing views, which are particularly beautiful in the summer and fall.

Beihai Park (Chinese: 北海公園; 北海公园)

Beihai Park is one of the oldest surviving imperial parks in Beijing and is situated only a few steps from the Imperial Palace. This beautiful open area, named after the nearby Beihai Lake (North Lake), was built at the turn of the 10th century and offers a number of reasons to visit.

The Round fort (1271-1368) and the splendid Hall of Enlightenment are two of the most important buildings in the park. The room installed in 1690 contains a 1/2-meter-higher Buddha carved out of a single block of white jade, as well as a large black jade vase from the early 12th century.

Another noteworthy feature is the opulent Song Qingling Home, where the widow of the founder of the Republic, Sun Yat-sen, lived until her death for 18 years (and which is now a museum). Also worth seeing is the Living Quarters of Mei Lanfang (Mei Lanfang Guju), a popular male star in the Peking Opera House specializing in playing a female role.

Include the residence of Guo Moruo in your route to Beijing. The prominent writer and historian lived here in the traditional Chinese courtyard style from 1963 until his death in 1978. On Exquisite Jade Island, don’t hesitate to try out the beautiful White Pagoda of the 17th century.

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